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7 Uses of AI That Will Matter To You, Your Business And The World

The advent of technology has made the world go digital. It is true that we are approaching the digital age, in which a technological breakthrough is expected to cut across all disciplines, economics, and industry.

One of the technological breakthroughs is the Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has changed most of the industrial landscape.It has a way of simplifying a complicated task.

Here are seven uses of AI that matter to you, your business and the world

  1. Chatbots
    It is not a novel that AI is the talk of the day. Since its start into other industries like business, gaming, and healthcare. People are not relaxed to use the technology and also see the benefits unlike having the belief that the AI is going to take their jobs and make them jobless. AI can be embedded into interfaces to make them compelling while interacting with a human.

    Chatbots use AI technology to deliver smart and flexible messaging abilities with voice-activated interfaces. It makes it easy for a business owner to use their time for something else, while the bots collect useful data on their behalf.
  2. AI in Healthcare
    Artificial Intelligence makes it easy to total the data collected from patients, and innovate a better way of improving the patient’s health from the data collected. AI enhances predictability,reliability, and consistency with Quality and patient safety. Also, it is used as an augmented tool with high precision and accuracy. AI improves the quality of work delivered by Doctors and nurses. It makes their jobs more productive.It also improves confidence and reduces stress.
  3. Creates more job opportunities
    Contrary to popular opinion that the AI will replace human’s job and render them jobless. The truth is that AI will create anew emerging market, which will create more job opportunities. You would agree with me that AI does not program itself. So, the new skill set will be required to code AI; in turn, it creates a unique job opportunity for human.
  4. Accurate Data Analysis and presentation
    Data can be confusing during analysis,especially big data. This is no more a problem with the advent of machine learning, which is used to sum up data and present insightful data analysis with reduced error. Unlike when human collate data, which often leads to human error. Machine learning presents the information in a consistent pattern.
  5. Ease of Recruitment Process
    AI reduces the bias nature of human resources manager in selecting a new employee. It makes the process more transparent and also eliminates gender disparity. AI ease decision-making procedures. Also, itcan be used to test employee’s performance and divide accurate rewards to the employee.
  6. Improved Cybersecurity
    Data is the new currency in the world; everyone is afraid of their data been leaked or stolen by third parties that will abuse their data. AI is used to create robust data protection software. It recognizes suspicious activities and also detects vulnerabilities.
  7. Retail
    Retailers are enjoying AI because it improves their profitability, and helps them to create a better way of personalizing user experience. AI improves customer intelligence in retail and reduces the cost of the supply chain.

AI has been able to solve the problems the world thinks can be solved all the years.

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